When to Go

Repositioning cruises are offered when cruise lines reposition their ships between seasonal destinations like Bermuda, Alaska, the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the Panama Canal, Hawaii and Asia. It’s a win-win for cruise lines that would rather operate a ship with passengers onboard, even between destinations, and savvy travelers who enjoy laid-back sea travel, one-of-a-kind itineraries and lower than average cruise prices.

The highest concentration of repositioning cruises can be found in the spring and fall when ships are preparing for winter and summer deployments. Lower than average per diem cruise prices are also attractive for travelers who enjoy long vacations. The most popular repositioning cruises tend to be between Alaska and Hawaii or transatlantic sailings from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean in the fall, or the reverse in the spring. However, you’ll find a great selection of repositioning cruises all year long as cruise lines operate ships on varying schedules.

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